28 February 2009

infatuation or love?

I'm totally stuck on this breed. I plan on raising a puppy, but I need to figure out the best way to have one in Lawrence. It will be a while.

Obviously, you can learn a bit from Wikipedia, if you're interested. salukiclub.org has some more. And you can find me fawning over possibilities at Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, open adoption cases.

Basically, I need tall fences, a large, open, and fenced space to let her run (it's going to be a girl), and a schedule with daily exercise (long walk, preferably run). Feeding costs $2 dollars a day or so, the pup will cost $350 for pet to $1000 for show pedigree, and I've tried one insurance quote at $280 a year.

I'll be visiting the local kennel club and the Heartland Coursing Association to see what sight-hounds are like. Tyler and I will also be taking Honey to some training classes starting in late March, which is pretty exciting.

More images and videos (the first video is hilarious, and the second pulled at my heart strings...):

[Pictures, from pavementsofsilver.files.wordpress.com, www.pedigreedatabase.com, www.vivapets.com; let me know if any should be brought down.]