01 February 2010

move over Hugh, Michael's the new hair in town

Masculine readers, this post isn't for you. Avert your browsers.

Also, too-cool-for-sci-fi readers, this post isn't for you, either. Avert your wasted browsers.

My favorite Stargate character is Daniel Jackson. When we started watching 'Gate, I was in the middle of growing out my hair, and Daniel and I had some unfortunate similarities.

I could probably mimic that hair pretty well, with some effort. Even less fortunately, however, the resemblance is actually more prominent with Daniel Jackson from the Stargate movie.

So, I'm leaning toward ✂the cut✂. I can still stick with DJ, however. I like some of his updated cuts.

(I promise not to ever make these last two faces. I've tried with some friends tonight, and can't even do it on purpose.)

And, I mean, if Daniel cuts his hair, then so can I! Right? I'll probably end up with the buzz again.

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

I'm not masculine! I love sci-fi! I also love Stargate (the movie, never seen the show). Therefore, this post is for me.

I also used to love James Spader (more in Pretty in Pink than Stargate, and definitely more in Stargate than Secretary).

So, put up some pictures of your hair then.