25 January 2010

frozen bananas are handy, with one caveat

I've been making Alton's delicious smoothie with some regularity in the mornings. I've learned some things.

  1. Frozen fruit is awesome for this. However, peel your bananas before freezing them. Obvious in retrospect – sure, but now I know exactly how difficult it is to peel a frozen banana. Difficult.
  2. It's a bit much for a single serving. I'm gonna chop the ingredients in twain.
  3. Frozen fruit deserves the "Ice Crush" button; particularly strawberries. Blenders are whiners.
  4. It's annoying to clean the blender everyday. Any ideas? A rinse isn't so hard, but all the sugar in there scares me.

The scale I purchased is en route, but I think I've lost a few pounds since focusing on eating both better and less and also starting the EA Sports Six Week Challenge on the Wii. Booyah.


hootenannie said...

"in twain."

You're a good one, NF.

Anonymous said...

Depending on the size of your blender, you can use the blade base of your blender on a mason jar (I've found that empty Classico pasta sauce jars work well with my Oster blender). That way, you can carry your smoothie with you without dirtying another glass. Also, it's super easy to clean the blade part without the jar attached.


Philip Weaver said...

I'd just rinse it, especially if you're using it everyday.

Philip Weaver said...

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Emily Claire said...

Dude! No joke about peeling your bananas first! I froze about a dozen and THEN realized this. Bane of my existence. Truly. Where is Alton Brown's smoothie recipe? I love me some A.B.

Emily Claire said...

Oh! Nevermind! Just found it! Catching up on all my google reader goodness tonite!